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    Arena eLearning has been designed to bring efficient and standardized training to our customers around the world.  Learn the basics of Arena and how to build models on your time and at your convenience.

    Arena is widely regarded as the most well documented simulation software product on the market. However, reading a textbook or help is often not enough. To become a proficient Arena user, training is a must. Arena eLearning brings to life the most important modeling concepts, leveraging both visual and auditory learning styles.

    Arena eLearning is interactive and self-paced. If you are a novice Arena user, you can take your time through each chapter and spend additional time on more complex concepts. If you are an advanced user, simply bypass instruction that is redundant and focus on concepts that are new to you. Use the chapter tests to determine how much you really know about Arena!

    Whether you are a student, a commercial customer or just want to learn more about simulation and Arena, we are confident that you will find Arena eLearning to be the perfect venue to advance your Arena modeling skills!

    Beyond eLearning

    The Arena website, www.ArenaSimulation.com, provides further information to help you learn more about Arena. Resources include an extensive video library with application “How To” videos, recorded consulting forums demonstrating advanced topics, information on in-person training and one-on-one mentoring for complex problems. Taking advantage of these offerings can improve your modeling skills and help you get the most out of your Arena investment!

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Picture of Gustavo Telles
Southern Polytechnic State University Takes Top Honors at IIE/Rockwell Automation Contest
by Gustavo Telles - Tuesday, 22 November 2011, 09:07 AM

First place honors were awarded to Hornets - The Simulators from Southern Polytechnic State University. From a field of over 65 teams of three IE undergraduate students who competed in the 2011 Student Simulation Competition, only three teams reached the final round. Each team presented its solution to a real-world situational case study using the Rockwell Automation simulation package, Arena, during the IIE conference in Reno, Nevada. The finalist teams are:

FIRST PLACE: Winners of $5,000 plus $500 to the team's chapter

Hornets – The Simulators: Southern Polytechnic State University, USA

Team members: Larry Jackson, Alex Moody, Thuy Nguyen

Faculty advisor: Greg Wiles


SECOND PLACE: Winners of $2,500 plus $250 to the team's chapter

BGU Simulators: Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel

Team members: Israel Tzahi, Gur-arie Hadas

Faculty advisor: Berman Sigal

THIRD PLACE: Winners of $1,500 plus $250 to the team's chapter

The Lehigh Engineers, Lehigh University

Team members: Cristina Cannella, Yousef Janajri, Preston Zorner

Faculty advisor: Bob Storer

Congratulations to all three teams for your excellent presentations!

For more information visit:


Picture of Gustavo Telles
Fifth edition of Simulation with Arena textbook
by Gustavo Telles - Wednesday, 13 July 2011, 07:52 AM

This fifth edition of Simulation with Arena has the same goal as the first four editions: to provide a comprehensive treatment of simulation concepts in general and the Arena simulation software in particular. It starts by having the reader develop simple, well-animated, high-level models and then progresses to advanced modeling and analysis. Statistical design and analysis of simulation experiments is integrated with the modeling, reflecting the joint nature of these activities in good simulation studies. The objective is to help the reader carry out effective simulation modeling, analysis, and projects using the Arena simulation system. An informal, tutorial writing style is used. Included are instructions to download the current version of the Arena student software and the examples used throughout the text. 

Starting with an introduction to simulation concepts, the book progresses through an overview of the Arena software, basic model development, input analysis, additional modeling constructs, output analysis, and advanced modeling. It also includes chapters on integrating Arena simulation models with other applications, specialized statistical issues, continuous simulation, and conducting a successful simulation study. It is intended primarily to be a text in a first course on simulation or for self-study. However, the later chapters could be incorporated into a second or graduate-level course. 

Building on the success of the first four editions, published in 1998, 2002, 2004, and 2007, this edition retains the basic outline and tutorial style, built around a sequence of successively more complicated examples. All examples and discussion have been modified and updated for the current version of the Arena software, and additional examples have been developed, along with more exercises. As before, a restricted-access web site for instructors who are requiring the book for a college or university class provides support in terms of downloadable lecture slides and solutions to end-of-chapter exercises. 

The book draws heavily on the experience and expertise of the authors, a professor at the University of Cincinnati specializing in simulation, and two seasoned members of Rockwell Automation, the developers of Arena, who are active in product design and development, training, consulting, and applications. 

To obtain information on Simulation with Arena, 5th edition, contact your local McGraw-Hill representative or visit McGraw-Hill


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  • 22 Nov, 09:07
    Gustavo Telles
    Southern Polytechnic State University Takes Top Honors at IIE/Rockwell Automation Contest more...
  • 13 Jul, 07:52
    Gustavo Telles
    Fifth edition of Simulation with Arena textbook more...
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